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Presentation of Highland Park Traffic Study Draft Plan

On Monday, May 19, the Town of Highland Park hosted a public meeting from 6:00 – 8:00pm at Bradfield Elementary School auditorium for the presentation of draft plan resulting from the town-wide traffic study. During the meeting, the consultant team presented the results from the April 16 public meeting and online voting ballots, as well as a summary of recommendations that will be included in the final report for the traffic study. The meeting concluded with a discussion with residents about their feedback on the recommendations that were presented.

To see the presentation from the public meeting, click here.


Attend the next public meeting on May 19th!

The Town-Wide Traffic Study is nearing completion, and we invite you to attend the next Traffic Study public meeting on Monday, May 19th.  Please mark your calendars for this upcoming event where the consultant team will be presenting an overview of the draft Traffic and Parking Plan and an analysis of the opinions and votes collected through the prioritization survey and workshop.

For those community members who have been unable to attend prior meetings, recaps and presentations from those meetings can be found in prior posts on the Traffic Study website.

Meeting Details:

Date: Monday, May 19

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Bradfield Elementary School Auditorium

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in this process!


Please participate in the Highland Park Voting Workshop Survey. Tell us what you think of various strategies for reducing traffic impacts in your neighborhood!

Click here or paste the following text into your browser to access the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VotingWorkshop


Tell us all about your experience getting to, from, and around Highland Park! We are gathering as much input as possible as part of Highland Park’s Traffic Study. AND WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

There are several ways to give your input… and hey, your ideas may be incorporated into the neighborhood’s plan!


Open House and Public Workshop on April 16th was a huge success!

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 the Town of Highland Park hosted an open house (4:30 – 5:45pm) and public workshop (6:00 – 8:00pm) at Bradfield Elementary School auditorium. The open house provided an opportunity for residents to speak one on one or in small groups about specific concerns with members of the consultant team prior to the public meeting. During the public meeting, the consultant team presented a summary of recent and present traffic conditions in Highland Park, and then demonstrated a range of possible solutions to the problems that residents had mentioned in previous meetings and on the website.

To see the presentation from the Open House and Public Workshop, click here.

For solutions that applied to specific locations, the team demonstrated models of how those solutions would affect traffic on the surrounding streets so that residents could see the potential impact of each option. Residents were given voting ballots and asked to vote on the full range of options, ranking their preferences from 0 to 5, with 0 representing, “I don’t want to see this in Highland Park” and 5 representing “I would love to see this in Highland Park.”

The team also presented a range of street design solutions that could be implemented on a town-wide scale, and invited residents to vote on those options as well. The meeting concluded with a discussion about whether Highland Park should work regionally to prioritize traffic reduction strategies in future planning initiatives.

For those community members who were not able to attend, it’s not too late to vote! We have created an online voting ballot where you can share your preferences on the same issues that were presented at the meeting. If you wish to review the materials presented, a link to the presentation is provided below.

Online voting ballot: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VotingWorkshop


52 thoughts on “We want to hear from YOU!

  1. Please take a look at alternatives the Town could pursue to better control on site subcontractor parking at residential building sites. The Town receives more resident complaints about that on site parking than it does about any other issue.

    • It’s understandable that so many complaints would be logged as its a nuisance as well as a safety issue.

      Nearly every day I see contractors parked so close to an intersection that when I stop at a two-way stop sign, I am unable to see whether traffic is approaching and if it is safe for me to proceed through the intersection. I believe most places have an ordinance against parking within a certain distance of a street corner. If our town has such an ordinance we should enforce it, and perhaps we could mark the curb yellow to indicate the area close to an intersection where parking is prohibited. If we do not have such an ordinance we should consider creating one. I suspect drivers inability to see around these cars (many of them are large trucks, by the way) has been the cause of many accidents and close calls.

      • I agree with the comments here. At my corner of Byron and Euclid the construction people park to all 8 corners and crossing Euclid is very dangerous. As you cannot look either direction.

      • I think there are restrictions about the set back of a parked vehicle from
        the end of the curb, but it is not inforced by the police.
        We either don’t have the right laws or they are not enforced. I don’t know what the penalties are to see that these construction sites and service trucks adhere to the ordinances. It is becoming more and more unpleasant and dangerous to drive, walk and play in what once was a beautiful, safe and pleasant town to live in. It is disappointing that present homeowners are not the towns first priority.

      • Many of these comments have a common thread. No parking enforcement.
        Have you noticed parking enforcement in University Park and on SMU campus

  2. Hello. We leave on Drexel, not too far from Airline. People park on the street during games. Further, people speed all of the time and use our street as a cut around when traffic backs up on Mockingbird. Airline is even worse. People who work along I75 in the office buildings speed on Airline (both North and South). They do not live in the neighbourhood and have no respect for children, dogs, and residents. I never see HP police on Airline. If an officer sat at the intersection of Cornell and Airline, he could write 10 tickets or more a day for speeding.

    My proposed solution would be to cut off Airline at Mockingbird. Do not allow thru traffic into HP (Airline). What will traffic be like when the new SMU Tennis Ctr is completed? I understand that there will be a “park” entrance on either side of Airline at Mockinbird for the SMU Tennis Ctr. Has HP considered blocking off Airline from Mockingbird at the alleyway? SMU and HP could construct a nice brick wall (like by the Bush Ctr). This could be a positive for SMU in terms of curb appeal etc. Most importantly, blocking off Airline from Mockingbird could potentially eliminate a lot of the thru traffic from the office buildings on Katy Trail etc.

    Finally, the entrance from Mockingbird into HP from IH 75 needs to have better curb appeal. There are no street lamps, lighting, signage. I would think SMU would embrace lstreet amps lining either side of Mockingbird (where the Lukes Locker strip center) is located. This could be a showplace entrance for SMU and HP. Right now, the street is dark and gloomy.

    • I agree with everything Keith says above. The traffic flow in this area, especially on Airline between Mockingbird south to the Katy Trail entrance, is very problematic. Too many drivers use it as a cut through and do so at a dangerous high rate of speed. It doesn’t seem as though this corridor is policed at all. I’m sure there would be an overwhelming approval of property owners to block off Airline at Mockingbird, despite any minor inconveniences.

      • I have lived on the SE corner of Mockingbird and Sewanee for over 40 years.
        This is a duplex and I’m the home owner. Until the last two years, even though SMU is across the street, this has always been a quite, lovely neighborhood.
        Our Town of HP and our Police Department have always and still do a remarkable job handling the traffic and street side parking for sold out football games.
        But now we have a plague on our side of Mockingbird Lane; cut thu traffic and all day parking on both sides of the streets. These are eight plus hours a day non-resident employees working somewhere on the SMU campus. As a result, there is nowhere for my guest, my tenants, their guest, my neighbors guest,much less, repairmen, yard maintenance men etc. to park their vehicles.

      • It’s summertime, schools out, and cars or parked five. six or more hours a day on both sides of the street on our block. Residents won’t have a chance when the tennis complex opens (year round). My guests have no place to park. Service vehicles have to put out cones.
        Resident parking only and stop people from cutting thu our town.

    • Blocking off Airline at Mockingbird doesn’t “eliminate a lot of the thru (sic) traffic” it merely redirects it. Closing streets isn’t going to make traffic congestion better.

      Speed limit enforcement, however, is something I can get behind.

  3. We have lived on Airline between Drexel and St. Johns for the past 5 years. During the course of the SMU construction project behind us, the traffic on Airline has gotten significantly worse. It takes us forever to find a break in the traffic during peak times to back out of our driveway, and i have almost been hit several times by cars flying down the street out nowhere. I would say our concerns are three-fold…
    1. the amount of traffic on Airline.
    2. the speed at which people are driving.
    3. foot traffic going to/from Katy Trail, which typically occurs during peak vehicular traffic times so that between the runners and people flying down Airline, it is a challenge to get in and out of our driveway.

    Thanks for your attention to these issues.

  4. We live on Airline Rd. and have noticed a significant pickup in traffic in the last year. My gravest concern is the speed with which cars travel on Airline combined with the volume of pedestrian traffic with runners/walkers heading to the Katy Trail. This is a recipe for disaster and it is a matter of time before someone gets hurt. I agree that the optimal solution would be to close Airline at Mockingbird.

  5. We live on Drexel between Abbott and Swanee and have noticed a huge increase in SMU parking and people diverting to our street as a cut through instead of Mockingbird. With three small children that are constantly playing in the front yard, this is a major issue. Most of the people are speeding down our block and not paying any attention to what is going on around them. I drive down Mockingbird to get to our house going east and usually cut off on Drexel before Hillcrest to avoid the congestion.
    I would propose (although not very excited about this alternative either) to have resident parking only on the blocks surrounding SMU. As I am writing this, there are two cars that have been parked infront of our house since 7 am this morning(it’s now 5:26 pm) which leaves us with little parking space for our cars/friends. Furthermore the parking on Abbott has become so prevalent that coming in and out of alleys without hitting a car or being able to see around the parked cars has become a real issue. I know that UP has installed mirrors on every alley to help with the visual part of seeing who is coming and going and I would like to propose that HP install those as well on all alleys.
    Thank you for your attention in these matters.

    • I second mirrors at all alleyway entrances. Too many car/truck drivers seem to forget that pedestrians on the sidewalks as well as cars/bike on the main road have right-of-way over those exiting the alleyways. I have been nearly hit twice from cars failing to stop at the exit. Unfortunately, the tall fences all of the way to the furthest corner boundaries do not help either for visibility.

  6. Carol Dixon

    My husband and I live near the corner of Westside and Southern Avenue. I have not seen speed bumps anywhere in Highland Park but would love someway to slow people down as they turn sharply down our street and head to the tollway entrance at Southern and Eastern. The street is especially busy and they are able to gain speed as our street is long, around 40 homes. It is especially busy during the am traffic hours.

  7. stops signs at every street on mockingbird to be in use between 7am-9am and 4-7pm
    streets off of mockingbird are not monitored and cars and trucks block accesses

    there is a continuous stream of traffic using mockingbird

    speed bumps can be installed like dallas has installed on monticello and park lane

    byron has become a cut thru for every truck. it should be the same as beverly with signs about truck usage
    it is also a cut thru to central and cars speed all day long

    bicycles do not stop at harvard and the katy trail. they speed off it and run every stop sign down harvard

    university park and smu have continued to allow buildings to be built and increased traffic. serious discussion should be had with them about continuing to increase traffic in highland park and being considerate of their neighbors

    buildings and their heights in u p and dallas should be carefully monitored
    traffic has increased and it is blocking the air flow

    if all fails our town should become a gated community
    n oneil

  8. the town needs to tighten their ordinances and see that the contractors adhere to them
    swimming pools are left stagnet, equipment is stored on the sites, and garbage is allowed to be dumped in the yards while building
    houses can be left for years uncompleted because it is so inexpensive to get an extension

  9. Since Fairfax is a narrow street, with a lot of traffic, I suggest parking be allowed on only only side of the street on a permanent basis. No parking signs should be on the other side. This would allow emergency vehicles access. Also, it would be easier for residents to get out of driveways. A beautiful residential neighborhood can begin to look like a junk yard if it is continually piled high with parked cars. I am pleased you are considering safety, workability, and aesthetics in making this study.


    Peggy Simpkin

  10. Fairfax is a popular “shortcut” from Preston / Armstrong thru to NTTA toll road and the grid of North Dallas thru streets. Thru traffic is more numerous than most HP residential streets.

    Fairfax is 24 to 25 feet curb to curb.

    Average residents park at least one car on the street, some as many as 4 on a continuing daily basis.

    Re-development, major repair and maintenance vehicles (some over 8 feet wide) compound the curb side parked vehicle problem.

    City services (disposables pick up and emergency) vehicles are frequently mostly blocked from normal passage. Time critical passage of Fire trucks and Mobile Emergency medical services vehicles are slowed to a walking pace at best, and sometimes blocked!

    Parking limitations are an unpopular approach, but neglect of an obvious problem is not good governance.

    Some Alternatives:
    – Adopt maximum width from curb ordnance: e.g., 7 feet. This would accommodate ‘poor’ spotting parkers, and light duty trucks, but would restrict dual wheeled and wide trailers to less than a specified delivery time, e.g., 15 minutes, with driver on continuous call for opening street access. For ‘over wide’ vehicles such as Moving and furniture delivery vans, require Permit monitored No Parking on opposite side of street to maintain workable passage access. This would be “very tight.” 25 – 14=11′
    Average sedan or SUV approach 7′ width (including mirrors), leaving ONLY 2′ clearance on each side, but “blocking” vehicles more than 9′ wide. This is unworkable!
    – Adopt single side of the street parking Ordinance.
    – Adopt one hour parking Ordinance unless having single event Permit. (this ‘punishes’ the victims (residents).
    – Eliminate use of “traffic cones” popular with maintenance users.
    – Prohibit over-nite street parking Ordnance.

    This ‘sticky’ unpopular problem really needs some relief. I wish I knew an easy solution.

    Bill Simpkin
    4435 Fairfax
    214 521 0708

  11. Do something about the root of most traffic issues in the Park Cities: Mockingbird Lane. Mockingbird has tollway exits from north and south (one of the few streets in the area with both) and easy access from 75, yet it is a two-lane road that goes through residential and high-volume commerical areas. Either restrict the amount of traffic that passes through or allow traffic to move more freely (better traffic light patterns and more lanes). The issues of cutting through neighborhoods, speeding, etc would be vastly improved if it didn’t take half an hour or more to go 3 miles at peak times.

    • While I am a UP resident I do use the Mockingbird exit off the toll road to go to and from work as well as Armstrong. Please consider putting warning light at least between the toll road and Preston to “DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION”. It is amazing how many cars do this causing havoc in the north/south traffic.

  12. Our family has lived in the 3100 block of Beverly for over 7 years. We are observing a decrease in the safety of our community that is a direct result of the increased traffic in and around the 3100 and 3200 blocks of Beverly north to Mockingbird, especially Airline. Problems include:
    1. countless close-calls with speeding traffic while on foot or in our vehicles (3 small children present).
    2. burglarized twice – Airline offers an easy exit to Mockingbird or southbound access road
    3. parking in front of our home during events at SMU stadium has led to vandalism to our outdoor property/landscaping.

    Our 2-block quadrant is quickly becoming less of a neighborhood and more of a traffic thoroughfare and parking lot, much of which can be connected to SMU and their continued growth with little regard for our community. Point: The stadium and new dormitories were built without adequate parking. Why no underground parking garage for the new dormitories behind La Madeleine? or on the southwest corner of Mockingbird/75?

    We would propose that the walling off of Airline and Sewanee at Mockingbird, and possibly Airline at the Katy trail, would effectively insulate our community from speeding vehicles and individuals with poor intent, in our area because it offers a quick escape. Please help us keep East Highland Park a desirable place to live.

  13. There is significant “cut through” traffic on Beverly, Drexel, St. Johns, Cornell for those that wish to avoid delays on Mockingbird. Most people drive very fast as they are simply trying to get across town as quickly as possible. Adding more traffic generators (more flights from Love Field, more facilities/people at SMU, etc.) is only going to make things worse. It is critical to have a plan in place now to address these concerns.

  14. The traffic on Mockingbird is very heavy now and will get much worse when the new student dorms open next year. The increase in traffic when the Wright amendment expires next year will be even more dramatic. The “cut-thru” traffic south on Airline and the east on Drexel,St.Johns,and Cornell will be a major nuisance and hazard. Access from Mockingbird to Airline should be closed.

    Parking is also an issue.SMU was allowed to build a 36,000 seat stadium with no provision for parking except the neighborhood streets in Highland Park
    Try parking on SMU’s property for 5 minutes.
    HPD has no one responsible for parking enforcement.Police only ticket in response to a complaint.

  15. As it’s been mentioned on several posts, a prominent line to keep space between family homes & business needs to be designed. With SMU (new construction) coming south of Mockingbird, there is no longer a distinction between Residential & commercial. The integrity and family-first history of the Town of Highland Park must be kept. Other interests (SMU, etc) are for commerce, but for HP, it’s personal for our children, families and friends. Whatever decisions are made or plan is devised, it unequivocally must be in the best interest of Highland Park residents first & foremost.

  16. It seems like the construction on Cowper and Beverly has gone on forever, and I think the construction on that house started just after the one across the street was finished. I feel sure that the neighbors are very upset about all the trucks.

    My suggestion:

    When a builder pulls a permit to build one of those large homes, he should pull a permit for parking also. Perhaps some of the churches and schools would be willing to rent to the builders some of their parking spaces. The city or the builder could furnish a shuttle for the workers to get to the work site.

    The city would make extra money from the permits, and possibly from a shuttle. Or someone might start a shuttle service, also having to pull a permit. The schools and churches would make money from renting space, and the neighbors hopefully would not be inundated with trucks and the difficulty of driving down a street.

  17. I am school crossing guard at Byron@St. John. The traffic begin to jam up at 07:30 going south on Byron, east on St. John and coming west on St. John the traffic starts backing up. My brainstorm would be make Byron going south coming toward Armstrong School an one way street, and St. John going west an one-way street starting when school open at 07:15 until 08:10 and 14:30 until 15:30 when school close. I believed this would ease some of the traffic.

    I believed It’s a corner house at Byron and St.John (3524 St.John for sale; maybe the school district could purchase this house and make that corner a parking lot for teachers and parents. Only if the residents would favor this..

    Sgt. Lance this is my comments.

  18. For those of us who would like to increase our use of alternative transportation and teach our children the same, I feel like a comprehensive bicycle plan is needed. With street grid and generally low speed environment (is there any posted speed limits in HP that are above 30mph? None come to mind), this community is already in a prime position to encourage and protect cyclists, pedestrians, etc. The only real problem areas are those same streets that are mentioned in the context of vehicular traffic, especially Preston Road, Mockingbird Lane, and Hillcrest.

  19. I would like to see Mockingbird be a no-parking zone 100% of the time. HPUMC has a garage for their parishioners, so no need to clog Mockingbird by having one lane on each side of the street to be used for parking. The Sunday parking on Mockingbird causes a backup, and there’s usually a ‘straggler’ who is the only car left parked on the block well after church has ended, and continues to clog traffic.

  20. Airline Road is serving as 1) cut through for regional traffic, 2) jogging trail extension of Katy Trail (for groups that like to jog 6 abreast in the dark without lights), 3) parking lot for SMU, 4) bicycle route for people (without lights on their bikes at night), and 5) a residential street. Amongst these competing priorities, it seems that this study should should give priority to the uses by the citizens of Highland Park and not the desires of SMU students or commuters.

    While I am interested in a more walkable and bikeable community, I don’t see any effective way to correct the behaviour of the numerous non-resident joggers and cyclists. As an example, last year Bill Lindley engaged Matt Lucas (owner of Luke’s locker) but changed behavior by the throngs of joggers was temporary.

    I am left to conclude that the only way to improve conditions is to close the North End of Airline to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

  21. I live on Abbott Avenue. It is dangerous turning left from east bound Mockingbird on to Abbott because there is no dedicated left turn arrow. Traffic backs up behind me and I have had many close calls over the years with my son in the car. As a result, since the completion of Mockingbird, I now turn earlier on to Airline(dedicated left arrow) and then cut across Cornell to Abbott. However, I do not speed in HP! Yes, this makes for more traffic on the side streets but has been safer for me and does not contribute to the traffic jam when trying to turn left at Abbott . Often, construction trucks on these side streets makes it like an obstacle course and difficult to get around . Also, with more use of Katy Trail and Airline it would be nice to have the sidewalk extended fully to the trail on the west side of Airline. Cross walks should be more clearly marked at this trail crossing, Knox and Abbott, Harvard/Hillcrest and Abbott. As a side note, I see many people running stop signs. SMU and HPUMC street parking is annoying. And, I agree that Mockingbird should be a NO Parking Zone seven days a week.

    • error here: I meant west bound Mockingbird turning left onto Abbott Avenue. Would really benefit from left turn arrow here. I would then stop cutting down Airline and across Cornell to get home.

  22. We live at the corner of Drexel and Airline. It is a lovely neighborhood, but unfortunately NOT a safe neighborhood because of the excessive amount of traffic that speeds up and down Airline both ways every day of the week. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt, and it certainly isn’t safe for children to cross the street or ride bicycles, much less adults.

    I would like to see Airline closed at the intersection of Mockingbird so that it is no longer used as a cut-through street.

  23. We should have the bus lines that were on Hillcrest and Lomo Alto added back to those streets. A lot of the street parking comes from the housekeepers, butlers. drivers, security, and all. They are parking on the streets. This never happened when there were more buses. Is it written that all houses have garages? Or has that gone by the way? I have more to say, just not now>

    • In response to your question regarding a garage requirement we conferred with Town staff and according to the zoning code (http://tx-highlandpark.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/7) sections 7-201, 9-101, and 22-100 yes, if a one- or two-family residential property is redeveloped, then two (2) “enclosed” parking spaces are required to be located behind the front setback line (i.e. a garage) and a third parking space is required somewhere on the private property.

  24. We live on Cornell between Sewanee and Abbott. I am concerned about the level and speed of traffic on Airline and Abbott. Airline is used by many (residents and non-residents) as a way of by-passing Mockingbird. There are no stop signs anywhere on that street so many drivers think it’s OK to speed on that street. Additionally, there isn’t a sidewalk on the west side of Airline between Cornell and the Katy Trail. As a result, people have to walk or run in the street, where they run the risk of being hit by bikers or autos. My belief is that the HP should seal off entry to the Central access road from Airline, while continuing to make the Katy Trail and Airline accessible to bikers and pedestrians. Perhaps an attractive landscaped median or divider in keeping with the aesthetics of the Katy Trail would be in order. Additionally, HP should add stop several stop signs along Airline (and Abbott) in order to eliminate the possibility of drivers simply accelerating down those streets. Further, a sidewalk should be constructed on the west side of Airline from Cornell to the Katy Trail so pedestrians don’t have to walk and run in the street.

    I also am concerned that non-residents will discover that they can use our neighborhood as an “on-ramp” onto Beverly as an alternative to the traffic on Mockingbird. I believe that this will become a serious issue when the Love Field restrictions are removed in October. I believe that HP needs to find a way to make Beverly a “less-attractive” alternative for drivers heading to Love Field – primarily by making changes that reduces drivers’ speed on this street. I suggest that a landscaped median be built on Beverly between Drexel and Preston – similar to the median on University Boulevard east of Preston. This should take up a “chunk” of driveable space and make it more difficult to drive fast. This should make Beverly less attractive to those heading to and from Love Field.

  25. Several issues:
    1) The amount of street parking is annoying, both during the day (mostly due to construction) and during the night (residents being lazy and not parking in their driveway or garage). I would favor a mandate for one-side street parking only to force people to be more thoughtful on where they park. Visually, there is too much clutter on streets. Also, there is an obvious safety issue at place
    2) The carriages at Christmas time were almost unbearable this year. They pick up at HPV (already super congested), go through narrow streets slowly, and sometimes are running in both directions (precluding cars from passing).
    3) I would favor changes to make Mockingbird less efficient for people passing through from the Tollway to 75. As a resident that lives one block from Mockingbird, we use Beverly and other side streets because of the congestion of people outside the community in transit. To the extent Mockingbird is more painful to use, I’d guess people could be diverted onto larger-scale roads such as NW Hwy and out of the community

  26. A center turn lane on Abbott. Cars traveling north and turning left on Auburndale, Crescent, Lexington, Gillon etc. stop traffic flow because they stop in the middle of the lane and there is a car parked on the right so it is impossible to get around the car. If there was a left turn lane and no parking for a short distance then cars could make it around the car waiting to turn left.

  27. I understand the concerns from lots of the residents providing comments, but some of their suggestions will inconvenience residents in my area as much or more so than the people cutting through. I live on Airline and definitely believe there should be at least one stop sign added (probably at St. Johns). I am not in favor of shutting off Airline at Mockingbird. But I would like to see a right turn lane added for the Airline residents wanting to turn right at Mockingbird and also would like to see no parking allowed on either side of Airline by the SMU property. I also agree with the comment that a sidewalk is needed on the West side of Airline near the Katy Trail.

  28. We live on Drexel between Abbott and Sewanee and would echo the comments above. Drexel has become the east bound Mockingbird “bypass”. Traffic jumps off Mockingbird around Hillcrest and speeds down Drexel and jumps back on Mockingbird at Airline. It is no longer safe to let kids cross the street on either Drexel or Airline due to speeding traffic. Clearly, traffic needs to be discouraged from trying to approach Mockingbird and/or Central Expressway access road from Airline.

    Would also agree with the comments about non-resident parking overwhelming the streets of Abbott, Sewanee, Drexel and Airline (all near Mockingbird). Solution needed to get the cars out of there.

  29. Need help on Drexel and Abbott intersection….going either way on Drexel it is vary hard to cross Abbott because of parked cars on Abbott that block views…we need a 4 way stop in the intersection….I live in 3200 Blk of Drexel and find it very rough crossing Abbott. Unless you drive a big pick up you can’t see traffic coming from SMU or to SMU. Thanks

  30. Thank you Mayor and Town Council for hiring consultants to study our traffic problems, which continue to grow worse especially along Hillcrest near SMU and along Airline, and will only grow even worse with the new SMU tennis center and Love Field expansion. I attended the meeting Monday night 2/24/14 to hear the presentation/comments, and have the following comments/suggestions:
    Please consider closing Mockingbird at Airline and Sewanee to reduce the cut-through traffic. (There are ways to do that — for example, as an idea there is a large gate which closes off a street, that can be opened for emergencies, near the Y and Bank of America Drive through, although there are other ways to do it as well.)
    Please do not remove the E/W or N/S stop signs along Sewanee, These stop signs keep traffic slow and help make the 3100 and 3200 blocks of Drexel, St. Johns, Cornell and Beverly safer (like neighborhood streets should be when children play in front yards and ride bikes to school) rather than like a busy street thoroughfare where cars RUSH THROUGH to find a way out. This problem will continue.
    We especially are passionate about keeping the four way stop at Beverly and Sewanee where cars rush through to find a way out of the neighborhood and Beverly dead ends. The stop sign there was installed about 10 years ago and has helped so much. Stop signs are preferred to speed bumps on our beautiful streets. Stop signs really help and are better than curves and parked cars which obstruct the view of children playing.
    We love Highland Park and want to keep the slow neighborhood feel. Thank you so much.

  31. I live near Bordeaux Ave and the Tollway. During rush hour, the cut through traffic down Bordeaux to avoid Mockingbird is bad and getting worse. We need to make people not want to get off of Mockingbird and cut through Highland Park. More stop signs along Westside Dr. and Eastern Ave would make it less desirable to use Beverly and Bordeaux as a cut through street. Maybe speaking with NTTA about adding Lemmon Ave as an exit from southbound traffic on the tollway. They could buy one of those car dealers on lemmon (Acura) and create an exit from the Tollway to help with traffic on Mockingbird.

  32. There is an increasing volume of traffic using the 4600 block of Southern Ave, eastbound, as alternative to Mockingbird, often at high speed. A police presence in the short term, to deter these drivers, who are not residents, and a long term plan such as speed bumps or making the street one way at certain times of the day would greatly improve the situation.

  33. More parking issues:Harvard from Katy Trail to Abbott Ave should be a NO Parking Zone on both sides of the street. During busy times of the day, traffic backs up both ways due to cars parked here. Also, we should restrict Javier’s Valet parkers from using this block.

    Same goes for Fitzhugh from Oaklawn to the Creek. One vehicle parked on this block backs up traffic on this one-way street. The church also uses this block for parking and not just on Sundays.


  34. I think that closing Airline at Mockingbird will cause more problems than it will solve. People are going to get to the Katy Trail however they can, and they will take Drexel, St. John’s, or Cornell to Airline. So, that will create more traffic on those streets. Then, when the drivers get to Airline, they will increase their speed because of their annoyance of having to reroute themselves.

  35. I live at 3111 Drexel. The changes should include closing off Airline both at Mockingbird and at Katy Trail. This is urgent. The volume of cars on this stretch of road at all times creates a dangerous situation.

  36. I run to the trail at least 5 days per week. For months I have witnessed a flood of traffic going into the office buildings at 8am by going south on Airline. I am also out at lunchtime on some days and see a ton of traffic heading north on Airline, as it is easier to get to Mockingbird than using the frontage. Why should our neighborhood be a short cut for non-residents who have no incentive to drive slow?
    For those of us who enjoy the convenience of exiting Airline, it is a small sacrifice to make NOW. When the tennis center is in full operation in the next two years, the Katy Trail traffic will be the least of our worries. Students and attendees will conveniently park in our streets, adding to the congestion, and MOST important, cause our streets to be LESS SAFE for our children and pedestrians.

  37. This is the same comment that I sent this A.M. on the traffic study under “Driving”.

    I have lived on the corner of Mockingbird and Sewanee for over 40 years. I doubt that I’ve used Mockingbird Lane as my exit of the area more 500 times in those 40+ years.
    It has always been safer using the light at Airline or going west on Drexel to Hillcreast.

    It is not a bad idea to close Airline, as long as the residents/owners of the nine duplex’s and their families still have egress from the alley to Airline and Sewanee.

    Another suggestion and possible solution:

    If Airline closes down at Mockingbird and the Katy Trail, Sewanee should be closed too.

    Then have:

    No Parking or thu Traffic, Resident ONLY signs, on every east bound street, on Abbott and Hillcrest, from Mockingbird south at least to Princeton.

    That gives us an enclave, providing a little more security for children playing, residents walking their dogs, riding their bicycles or just crossing the street without the fear caused
    by so many speeding cars just taking short cuts. Lets hope so anyway.

    I share your concerns and when the tennis court complex opens, (and there will be numerous competitions, summer, weekend, year round and who knows whatever tennis camps, NCAA events, ETC) the parking and traffic situation we have now will pale in comparison.

    Our property values along with our peace of mine will suffer if the situation continues as is.

    I already feel like I have guest every morning in my kitchen/breakfast room because of all
    the cars that, everyday now, are parking on both sides of Sewanee. It’s also making backing out of my driveway, caused by the blocked view, tense at times. Most of the these people are employed somewhere on campus. It should be SMU’s responsibility to provide their parking. We pay the taxes.

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